MP Statement on International Day Against Gender Violence

The FEMP encourages all Local Authorities in Municipalities, County Councils, Town Councils and Island Councils to reinforce the actions already being carried out against gender violence. To mark the International Day Against Violence Against Women, has issued a statement calling for continued advocacy and prevention and victim support and promote local life and non-sexist models of equality between women and men.

In the celebration of a new November 25, FEMP, once again expresses its condemnation and denunciation to the persistence of one of the "most virulent evidence of gender discrimination" and notes that the elimination of such violence remains one of the most pressing challenges of our society.
Therefore, FEMP, on behalf of all Spanish Local Government reiterates its commitment both to intensify their actions as to cooperate with all public institutions and social partners in finding solutions to sexist abuse.
Attached is the text of the statement.

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