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What is RSS?

RSS is a method for extracting and sending news and information. It enables subscription to an RSS feed (RSS data source) that keeps the latest news and information sent to an RSS reader program updated.

RSS Readers

RSS readers issue alerts when new contents are available from any of the data sources to which you are subscribed. This saves time, since it eliminates the need to check multiple sites regularly to see whether new information is available or whether the new information is not of interest. When RSS readers report new contents, it is possible to choose whether you want to visit the site for more information.
In general, the basic instructions to subscribe to an RSS data source are explained below. Each reader may be different. For specific options and instructions, see the help menu and documentation of the specifice RSS reader.
1. Click on the RSS links in the sites that offer RSS subscription service.
2. Copy the data source URL from the navigation toolbar (or from wherever appropriate).
3. Paste the RSS data source URL where the selected RSS reader program indicates.
4. Accept to subscribe.