_Area tematica: Public Treasury and Local Financing

The Area of the Public Treasury and Local Financing has the principal aim of establishing the means and mechanisms necessary for the effective implementation of the principle of financial self-sufficiency among Spanish Local Entities.

The work that is carried out in the framework of this Area is oriented towards implementing both the Resolutions of the General Assembly of the FEMP with regard to the Public Treasury and the Financing of Local Entities and the resolutions of the Federal Council and the Executive Commission, as well as promoting whatever measures may be necessary to guarantee the principle of financial self-sufficiency.

Specifically, these are:

To prepare studies, proposals and reports,

To monitor compliance of the precepts contained in the Consolidated Text of the Law Regulating Local Public Treasuries and other related regulations on the part of other administrations,

To promote and perfect coordination and cooperation with other national as well as international administrations and entities,

To propose, design, develop and perfect strategies of action on the matter of finance and taxation,

To study and develop in-depth measures regarding the homogenization of administrative processes in the area of Local Public Treasuries,

To spur the generation of local statistics,

To contribute to the necessary process of modernizing the Local Administration as regards both training and the application of new information systems and technologies,

To design and develop lines of financial action addressed to Local Entities in the framework of national and community plans, and

To promote new financial services and products intended for both Local Administrations and their civil servants.