_Area tematica: Culture

The Area of Culture has the main objective of building useful tools for cultural planning and the evaluation of local cultural policies, as well as the sharing of good practices in these fields, while at the same time proposing training actions and preparing reference documents for the same purpose, endowing cultural managers with forums for encounters and the exchange of know-how.

The work carried out in the framework of this Area centres along the following axes: to contribute to the institutional acknowledgement of the fundamental role of local governments in the sphere of culture, propitiating the most extensive collaboration towards this purpose, as well as a constant dialogue with other administrations; to propose a system of indicators for evaluating local cultural policies, y and to coordinate and cooperate with all the cultural observatories and laboratories created by the local governments in this country; to contribute towards the increased qualification and continuous training of local cultural managers and the rendering of constant assistance to Local Corporations in this area; and to establish programs of cultural collaboration with as many cultural associations and entities as may be of interest to local governments.