_Area tematica: Education

The objectives established for the Area of Education are as follows:

- To implement the Resolutions of the 9th General Assembly of the FEMP as regards Education, as well as the resolutions of the Federal Council and the Executive Commission.

- To participate in the permanent forum of exchange with the State Administration, fundamentally through the Ministry of Education, with a view to establishing the necessary administrative coordination to give impulse to and rationalise different education measures.

- To collaborate in all those educational measures affecting the local sphere from private institutions of learning and other educational institutions, in the attempt to make objectives and goals compatible within the bounds of respect for the local autonomous community.

- To promote reading in municipalities, along with the modernization and social and educational relevance of municipal and school libraries.

- To coordinate the Technical Working Group on Education in the preparation of documents and proposals that will articulate Resolutions and whatever other initiatives may be adopted by the Commission.